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Since coders are essential to our continued success, we are choosy about the type of coders we work with

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To find out if you’re a good fit for working with Aviacode, see our answers to frequently asked questions of coders looking to join our team.

I am a certified coder, but I have less than three years experience. Can I work with Aviacode?
I have more than three years coding experience but haven’t yet completed my certification. Can I work for Aviacode?
I just got my coding certification, and although I only have a little coding experience, I have many years of experience in HIM. Can I work for Aviacode?
Which certifications meet your qualifications for working with Aviacode?
What kind of pay can I expect if I work with Aviacode?
If I work with Aviacode, what kind of opportunities will you offer me to grow in my career?
What resources will I need to work with the Aviacode? What resources will Aviacode supply?
What hours will I work if I work with Aviacode?

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