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At Aviacode, we say we’re committed to coding and committed to you. But how does that make us any different from all the other choices you have for coding services?

Here’s how we are “Committed to Coding.”

Our combination of cloud-delivered coding technologies and streamlined coding services offer you unique value.

We’ve built technology to improve our productivity.

We built our ProCoder™ coding platform from the ground up, focusing on the coding challenges of today. The resulting software, which we use for all of our coding services, provides our coders, auditors and consultants with tools that enhance their workflow and give you faster service.

We’ve made coding quality our highest priority.

Aviacode is the only medical coding company that contractually guarantees the accuracy of our coding services. How can we make this guarantee?

  • Our ProCoder system ensures the integrity of coding results and prevents most common mistakes.
  • We provide an in-line quality assurance (QA) review process, where a separate group of Aviacode QA specialists score coding selections and identify and correct problems before we send the completed cases back to you.

Other Aviacode services can help you improve your quality. Our coding audit services utilize our ProAuditor software to find the systemic coding issues that hinder cash flow and lead to denials. And our chargemaster review services can make sure that your charges are up-to-date.

We’ve created a culture of coding compliance.

Quality yields compliance. Our medical coding rules engine, CARE™, was specifically designed to verify code selection and maintain a precise history of each coding policy change. The result is heightened coding compliance. And our clinical documentation improvement (CDI) services can improve your revenue with the help of compliant documentation strategies.

Aviacode – A Better Way