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ProCoder™: An encoder built to maximize coding workflow.

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ProCoder™ is medical coding software with optimized workflow, coding tools and quality assurance processes to ensure high quality, high-speed coding. Over the last decade, we developed and improved this remote coding technology for the benefit of our own in-house coders. Now, it’s available for healthcare providers to license and use internally to enhance coding efficiency and effectiveness.

Accurate, quality coding.

ProCoder’s Coding Analyzer and Rules Engine™ — along with daily audits by coding experts — helps maintain high coding quality. These quality assurance tools and processes mean more accurate provider reimbursement.

Accelerated coding.

ProCoder’s system for assigning cases keeps the right coders working on the right cases at the right time. This process, along with our clean, usable interface, helps Aviacode keep its 48-hour turnaround promise, and it can help provider organizations speed up their coding process.

Improved documentation.

ProCoder’s built-in reporting tools, including analytic reporting on E/M levels and physician-by-physician reports, help organizations improve their documentation. ProCoder also provides the means through which coders can share specific documentation tips with clinicians. Improved documentation can lead to improved revenue.

Easy-to-access documentation.

Since we work with digitized records, ProCoder becomes an online documentation library for you. ProCoder’s document search tool allows you to search for any keyword in any of your clinical documentation.

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