– Recognizes Aviacode’s Good Performance and Strategic Expertise –

KLAS has issued its Outsourced Coding 2018 report, which provides a competitive landscape analysis of the top outsourced inpatient medical coding vendors as viewed by their customers.  The report recognized Aviacode’s good performance with a rating of 88.1 out of 100.  Specifically on strategic expertise, Aviacode was tied as top-rated among all vendors.

With 46% of respondents expecting to maintain outsourced coding usage and an additional 8% expanding usage, the market potential is increasingly competitive.  As provider organizations evaluate their volume of outsourced coding, they are evaluating what added benefits their outsourced firms bring to the table, beyond quality coding.  Aviacode was named as one of the “firms that stand out” for its strategic partnering and leadership.  Only one other firm in the report got similar recognition in both categories.  In addition, Aviacode rated well for providing their clients’ their money’s worth.

“We are extremely proud that Aviacode’s customers reviewed us well in the KLAS report,” said Keith Hagen, Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We are committed to delivering a high-quality and high-valued coding experience for our providers.”

The report specifically recognized Aviacode for the above average ability to scale up or down to meet clients’ needs. Several customers also indicated that Aviacode stands out for the strength of their relationships. Aviacode received high ratings for their strategic expertise and the value they provide.

Each year, KLAS interviews thousands of healthcare professionals about the products and services their organizations use. These interviews are conducted using a standard quantitative evaluation, and the scores and commentary collected are shared online in real time, so that other providers and IT professionals can benefit from their peers’ experiences.


Aviacode is an industry leader in technology-enabled medical coding and compliance services, which has been meeting the needs for hospitals, physician groups, surgery centers, and payers for nearly 20 years. Our certified coders are experienced in facility, pro-fee, and risk adjustment coding for a wide range of specialties. Using innovative technology, our proprietary workflow helps improve coding quality, reduce risk, accelerate the revenue cycle, and optimize reimbursements. At Aviacode, our goal is to find a better way — building medical coding solutions that maximize revenue efficiency, strengthen cash flow, improve coding accuracy, and enforce coding standards.  For more information, visit www.aviacode.com or call 855.438.2634.


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