Delivering Sustained Benefits via Year-Round Coding Audits

Coding audits, which are the validation of code assignment against the supporting clinical documentation and coding guidelines, are instrumental in ensuring coding accuracy. Healthcare facilities and providers usually conduct regular coding audits as directed by their internal compliance plan, and this usually consists of a random sampling of records during a specified timeframe, typically on an annual basis. While compliance plan-driven audits are beneficial, healthcare facilities and providers should not assume that additional audits are not useful or required.

Aviacode offers comprehensive audits of coding-related practices that are aimed at improving coding accuracy, thereby minimizing coding compliance risks and reducing coding-related denials.

Smart Auditing Approach

An audit sample selection can be focused on areas that pose risk, and identify opportunities that impact revenue and quality. Sample selections can also be based on one or a combination of the following elements:

  • Coder
  • Patient-type
  • High cost cases
  • Denial patterns
  • Service lines
  • High volume cases
  • OIG/RAC focus
Aviacode - Benefits to our auditing services

Accurate and Comprehensive Reports

Our experienced and credentialed auditors keep abreast with the latest coding guidelines and requirements to ensure that audits are accurate, consistent, and compliant. Audits are also completed according to facility or provider as well as state or payer specific guidelines so that results show a true measure of compliance, and help to identify areas where improvement may be needed.

Reports can also be customized according to client needs with detailed reports that are used to support results-driven coding staff education. Our mid-level managerial reports provide the recommendations needed to carry out an improvement plan, and our high level executive summary includes just the right amount of detail for presentation to senior leadership.

The Aviacode Process Provides Fast, Actionable Results

Aviacode auditors utilize ProAuditor® software, our proprietary tool that has been developed to streamline and standardize reporting and provide audit results that are actionable as well as easy to understand. ProAuditor, along with our expert audit team, offer a powerful combination to help identify potential issues and develop corrective actions. Our educators are experienced in a variety of provider settings and patient types; they can develop and deliver a training plan tailored to the needs of anyone – from a small physician clinic to a multi-site health system. In addition, Aviacode offers effective solutions for both permanent and interim audit and education services. Whether your needs are to improve coding quality on an ongoing basis or to solve immediate concerns with remedial or new coder/provider training, we’re ready to help.


  • Mitigate risk of payment recoupment from external audits
  • Understand risk and exposure on payer audits
  • Optimize reimbursements
  • Ensure compliant coding practices
  • Identify areas to improve clinical documentation
  • Work with experienced and CPMA credentialed auditors

“We love Aviacode. They are the most authentic company, and their people have a lot of integrity. The firm works and collaborates with us.”

- Coding Director, Health System with 1,500+ Affiliated Doctors