Providing High Quality and More Accurate Compliance and Reimbursement Solutions

Not all coding and claims submission problems are due to coder mistakes. Many of them are based on missing or incomplete information in the clinical documentation that your coders are working from.

Revenue is at risk if providers or clinical staff provide your coders with documentation that is:

  • Illegible – Regulatory and government agencies require documentation to be legible.
  • Unreliable – Treatment documented without a related condition or diagnosis.
  • Lacks precision – Diagnoses not documented to the highest specificity available.
  • Incomplete – Missing information, unfinished notes, or failure to include attending attestation.
  • Unclear – Vague or ambiguous documentation.
  • Late – Documentation that is not recorded within government or regulatory agency guidelines.

A failure to produce sufficiently complete and specific documentation the first time around forces coders to seek clarification in order to code accurately. Inadequate documentation can result in increased physician queries, DNFB, and a decrease in coder productivity. When poor documentation is overlooked, facilities are at risk of increased payer denials as the clinical validity of assigned codes is questioned. Therefore, providing training for clinical documentation improvement will result in timely and quality code assignment, and will help protect your organization’s revenue.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) graphic

Coding errors, some of which are based on poor documentation, can cost healthcare providers around $186 million per year, according to a recent AHIMA survey. However, taking proactive steps to measure, monitor, and improve coding/documentation performance can optimize the efficiency and accuracy of your reimbursements.

Aviacode offers customized and flexible clinical documentation improvement training solutions that are designed to help ensure accurate reimbursement, compliance, and support for coding levels.

Individualized Self-Paced Training Tools for Physicians and Staff

Aviacode provides simple, effective, and affordable training tools that are available through webinars, on-site sessions, or through reports that teach documentation techniques necessary to improve reimbursement for ICD-10 coding, and can help identify areas of relevant compliance concerns.

Medical Coding Industry Experts

Aviacode’s staff of certified and experienced trainers will explain the documentation requirements that are necessary to promote efficient and quality claims submission. Not only can they conduct provider documentation training, but they can also help your coding staff or clinicians understand what documentation is needed to support accurate levels of severity and depth of care. They also assist physicians in clarifying as well as identifying the requirements for precise and complete documentation, and can help address compliance concerns.


  • Ensure accurate reimbursement
  • Improve compliance
  • Improve levels of specificity and accuracy
  • Improve DRG validations
  • Decrease denials
  • Improve coding skills
  • Produce faster and cleaner claims

“We love Aviacode. They are the most authentic company, and their people have a lot of integrity. The firm works and collaborates with us.”

- Coding Director, Health System with 1,500+ Affiliated Doctors